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Design Solid is a community of home designers, home remodelers, and DIY-enthusiasts. We are an online magazine that publishes articles, features, and essays on all things home improvement, whether it’s the latest house remodeling techniques or the hottest interior design fads from around the world.

At Design Solid, we don’t just present you with other people’s designs, we help you build your own. Our in-house team of industry experts regularly post various articles that help you ideate designs for exterior and interior projects, as well as for home remodeling.

So whether you’re in the market for your new home, or you want to improve your existing house, or if you just want to start a new hobby, Design Solid has the resources for you.

our Writers

Chuck Morowski – As a licensed carpenter for over 2 decades, Chuck has worked on various construction projects ranging from large retail spaces to urban housing. Carpentry runs in the Morowski family, with Chuck’s father, Huck, also a licensed carpenter for over 40 years, and his son, Tyler, learning the craft. Currently, Chuck is focused on smaller projects for private homeowners.

Beth Lee – Graduating with a degree in Interior Design from one of the most prestigious design schools in the country, Beth is armed with all the theoretical know-how to produce groundbreaking and revolutionary designs for various interior pieces. She is currently signed with a top design agency in the east coast, and is busy designing her first home with her husband Marcus.

Johnson Paglia – 55 years old, owns and operates a hardware store in a small town in the midwest. Widowed with 3 sons, he has been a DIY enthusiast and hobbyist for over 30 years, building various home installations and other arts and crafts projects for both personal use and for clients.